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A sulfate-free formula that gently cleanses scalp and hair for all types of damaged hair.

Bain Décalcifiant Réparateur Repairing Shampoo

SKU: 3474637217266
  • Water is good for you. But not so great for your hair. The calcium in your shower water can lead to persistent hair damage leaving it rigid, dull & brittle. This powerful system removes calcium build up that causes damage and restores up to 99% of hair’s original strength. It repairs persistent damage, reversing stiffness and dullness for 73% shinier hair, and 2x smoother hair. Hair is 93% stronger.

    • Gently Cleanses to remove product build up
    • Layers on top of the Premiere Repairing Pre-shampoo Treatment to remove calcium and repair hair
    • Provides stronger, shinier hair
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